Move Over Insight, Prius is Best Selling Car in Japan in May

2010 toyota prius hybrid car photo

Photo: Toyota
Battle of the Hybrids
In April Honda was quite happy to report that its new Insight hybrid was both the best selling car in Japan for that month (outselling the Toyota Prius) and the first hybrid car to have that honor. But Toyota now has released its all-new 2010 Prius hybrid in Japan (on May 18th), and it looks like there was lots of pent-up demand even in these difficult economic times, because despite the incomplete month, the Prius shot to #1 in sales, above the Honda Fit in second place and Honda Insight in third place (notice a trend there?). More details below.
prius sales in japan graph

Graph: Jada/GCC
Green Car Congress reports:

The Prius posted 10,915 units in May, in Japan more than twice the 5,079 units sold in May 2008 and compared to 1,952 units in April 2009, according to the JADA data. (In the US, Toyota reported 10,091 units of the Prius sold in May.) [...]

For the fiscal year from April 2008 to March 2009, the Prius ranked number five in new car sales, with 70,618 units, according to JADA.

We can probably expect sales of the 2010 Prius to be even higher in June since it will be a complete month for the new model.

Via Jada (Japanese), Green Car Congress
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