Morgan EV3: Bespoke British auto manufacturing meets zero-emissions driving

Morgan EV3
© Morgan Motor Company

This Morgan joins old-school craftsmanship with state of the art electric propulsion, and delivers a clean green open cockpit machine that is sure to turn heads.

Morgan Motor Company, the classic handmade car company from Malvern, England, had its start with a three-wheeled cyclecar, and now just a few short years after the company recently re-introduced its Morgan 3 Wheeler, this bespoke auto manufacturer is taking that same sporty platform and electrifying it, dubbing it the EV3.

While the gasoline 3 Wheeler is certainly something to behold, and is probably a blast to drive with its 1983cc V-twin engine powering that single rear wheel, the electric version, which is currently in its final pre-production phase, promises to be an incredible blend of zero (tailpipe) emissions driving and classic hand craftsmanship.

Here's the official launch trailer for the Morgan EV3:

"The Morgan EV3, looking at the world of zero emissions motoring from an entirely different perspective. ‘What if an all-electric vehicle was bespoke made, hand crafted and exhilarating to drive?’ The EV3 embraces new technology, delivers responsible driving excitement and continues to celebrate traditional British motor manufacturing." - Morgan Motor Company

This handmade three-wheeled electric sportster, which weighs in at less than 500kg, is powered by a 20kWh lithium battery pack, and driven by the rear wheel's liquid cooled 46kW electric motor. The Morgan EV3 is said to have a range of about 150 miles, with a top speed "in excess of 90mph," and a 0-62mph time of "less than 9 seconds." The lightweight tubular chassis supports an ash wood frame covered with composite carbon and aluminum panels, all handworked into a fantastic aeronautical-inspired body.

With its open leather-clad cockpit, its aircraft-style instrumentation, its upswept tail and aggressive stance, and the inclusion of polished brass, aluminum, and wood elements right alongside a digital display, the Morgan EV3 takes some of its design cues from the early days of auto racing and motorcycling, and combines them with the company's rich history of bespoke luxury cars.

Production of the Morgan EV3, which will be priced "comparable to" the gas 3 Wheeler, is expected to begin in the last quarter of 2016, and will be the first production electric vehicle from the company. Morgan has recently announced that it will be a recipient of some government funding toward a £6m "consortium based project" that will work to develop future Morgan hybrid and full EV vehicles.

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