More Videos of the Tesla Model S Electric Car In Action

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Photo: Youtube screen grab
Here We Go!
Michael Arrington and Leena Rao of Techcrunch had a (short) ride in the Tesla Model S electric car in the parking lot of Tesla's Menlo Park showroom. The video (below) was captured with a cellphone, so it's not very high quality, but in it you can see the interior of the car (the 17 inch touch screen, etc) and get a feel for the kind of acceleration that high-torque electric motors can provide. Make sure you hit the "HQ" button for high quality:

You can see a few more videos at Techcrunch (mostly the same test-drive but from the point of view of different cellphones, and a bit more of Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, talking about the Model S).

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Via Techcrunch

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