More Tickets for Big Stupid Cars

poor vehicle choice.jpg
Here is another version of the ticket for poor vehicle choice, like the one that riled readers in February. Its from the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s, a UK based group whose goals are "to make driving a big 4x4 in town as socially unacceptable as drink-driving, and to increase taxes on the most polluting vehicles, including increases in road tax and a higher congestion charge in London." London Mayor Ken Livingstone agrees: "When you see someone trying to manoeuvre it round the school gates, you have to think, you are a complete idiot." Before everyone starts writing about how useful 4x4's are, we point out that a) the Alliance is against Urban 4x4's and b) this treehugger drives a lovely 4 cylinder powered Subaru 4x4 that is very useful for getting through snow and carrying lots of stuff that we need for our day job. It is all about scale. ::Alliance Against Urban SUV's via Bonnie in London