More Prius Fun! The Secret BEEP Code Revealed & Advanced Diagnostic Readouts


People have really been liking our recent post on "hacking" the electronic functions of the Prius. And as is the norm with our brilliant readers, all the great feedback has brought additional covert methods to our attention. Tipster Greg led us to a link at that tells how to disable the reverse beep and/or the seatbelt beep without opening anything up at all. It involves using the odometer button and a series moves that is, I think, the same code I used to beat Zelda on my Nintendo. (PriusChat also has what looks like a great iPod interface and a slick spoiler) Another hot tip came from Greg, and this one is on a whole other level.
By tapping into the diagnostic port used to service the Prius, also known as the Controller Area Network (CAN), a person can monitor detailed information about the car's internal functions. Made for the 2003- 2005 Prius by Hybrid Interfaces, this system mounts in the glove box or under the passenger seat and routs the diagnostic info to the LCD screen. Some of the viewable parameters are: battery voltage,flow of current to and from the battery, engine RPM, engine block temperature, and horsepower. :: PriusChat and Hybrid Interfaces