More On Hybrid School Buses


Justin recently introduced us to the hybrid school bus. Now, Via Yahoo Finance News, we are able to learn the details:- IC Corporation Delivers the First Hybrid School Buses That Can Attain Up To 70-100 Percent Increase in Fuel Efficiency, 90 Percent Reduction in Emissions. "The new hybrid school buses are built by IC Corporation, the nation's largest school bus manufacturer, and Enova Systems, a leading provider of hybrid drive systems. The hybrid bus is a result of a nationwide initiative called the Plug-In Hybrid Electric School Bus Project. A total of 19 hybrid buses have been awarded to states around the country by Advanced Energy, a non-profit corporation that initiated a buyer's consortium of school districts, state energy agencies and student transportation providers...The initial power train for the hybrid school bus will couple an International® VT365 V8 diesel engine with the 25/80-kilowatt hybrid-electric power train, incorporating a transmission, batteries and an electric motor...The hybrid school buses are also outfitted with a proprietary GPS system called AWARE(TM) Vehicle Intelligence that allows school officials to track the exact location and performance..." TreeHugger notes two related subjects of great importance.School buses are generally not air conditioned; and with windows commonly open in warm weather, children are thus exposed to much diesel exhaust while in cue for pickup or drop off. At the low speeds experienced during pick-up and drop-off, this hybrid system offers much promise for reduced diesel particulate exposure reduction. Second, because the top of a school bus covers many hundreds of square feet, and because school buses are typically parked outdoors through the middle of the day, away from the fleet garage - bracketing the sun's daily zenith - hybrid bus roofs would be ideal for incorporating thin film solar photo-voltaic technologies as they become more cost competitive.

These members of Advanced Energy's buyers' consortium are currently scheduled to receive buses:

* North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (2 buses)
* South Carolina Department of Educations (2 buses)
* State of New York (2 buses)
* Napa Valley Unified School District, Napa Valley, Calif. (1 bus)
* Durham School Services, Everett, Wash. (1 bus)
* Lake Chelan School District, Chelan, Wash. (1 bus)
* City of Seattle (1 bus)
* Little Rock, Ark., School District (1 bus)
* Sigourney Community School District, Sigourney, Iowa (1 bus)
* Nevada Community Schools, Nevada, Iowa (1 bus)
* Killeen Independent School District, Texas (1 bus)
* Austin Independent School District, Texas (1 bus)
* Fairfax County, Va. (1 bus)
* Florida Department of Education (2 buses) - DELIVERED
* Jennings Transportation, Nazareth, Pa. (1 bus) - DELIVERED