More details on the Mitsubishi CA-MiEV electric concept car

Mitsubishi CA-MIEV electric car© Mitsubishi

The future replacement for the Mitsubishi "i" electric car?

A few days ago we posted a preview of the Mitsubishi CA-MiEV electric concept car. We had few details, but it did look interesting and the promised driving range - 186 miles (300 km) - was a big selling point. If Mitsubishi could somehow build an affordable production version with that range and maybe a slightly cleaned-up look, it would be a big hit.

But enough speculation, back to what we know: The Geneva Motor Show has begun and Mitsubishi has released more details on the CA-MiEV.

Mitsubishi CA-MiEV electric carMMC/Screen capture

As you can see above, the battery pack can hold 28kWh, which is 12kWh more than the battery pack of the Mitsubishi "i" EV (formerly known a the i-MiEV). The 186 miles (300 km) range is likely to have been calculated on the Japanese test cycle (or maybe the European one, since the vehicle was unveiled in Geneva), so it would probably get less on the U.S. test-cycle, but still significantly more than pretty much all non-Tesla EVs.

The CA-MiEV also has a magnetic resonance wireless charging device. I don't know if a production version would have it, but if a standard emerges and charging stations start installing loops, this would make sense (though you'll always get better efficiency plugging directly).

The electric motor is rated at 80kW, which is about 107 hp. Coefficient of drag is a very respectable 0.26, which is just 0.01 above the 3rd Generation Toyota Prius.

Mitsubishi writes: "The remote-controlled air-conditioning system and management system for charging and discharging can be linked to smartphones or tablet devices. The vehicle is also equipped with a remote tracking function that captures the vehicle's position using GPS if the vehicle is stolen".

Mitsubishi CA-MIEV electric car© Mitsubishi

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More details on the Mitsubishi CA-MiEV electric concept car
From the Geneva Motor Show, more details about Mitsubishi's intriguing electric car concept.

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