More Concept Cars than You Can Shake a Stick at

toyota RiN

You concept car aficionados out there have probably already spent the better part of this week feasting your eyes on some of the Japanese models that will be appearing at this year's Tokyo Motor Show - which goes from October 26 to November 11. Fortunately for those of us too lazy to seek out pictures of all those nifty cars, the good people at Pink Tentacle have compiled a truly impressive list of some of the more fantastic designs - including the Toyota RiN (seen above), Mazda Taiki and Nissan Pivo 2.

The RiN's exterior design supposedly draws on a Japanese old-growth tree, known as the "yakusugi," and will come fitted with a special "mood training" steering control system able to monitor the driver's psychological state. No word yet on its fuel efficiency - though it's heavily being touted for its eco-friendly quotient.

suzuki PIXY + SSC

We hesitate to use the word "car" to describe this model, the Sustainable Mobility, from Suzuki, since it actually consists of two units - the PIXY, a low-speed transport pod, and the SSC (which stands for "Suzuki Sharing Coach"), a minicar-like mobility unit. The idea behind the concept is to use the PIXY for short trips around the city - its design obviously predisposing it to better street navigation (and parking) - and to use the SSC for longer forays.

Conveniently enough, the PIXY fits snugly inside the SSC and, in the future, will be able to combine with a sports car unit, the SSF, or boat unit, the SSJ, to create even more wacky 2-in-1 models. What we'd give to get tickets to the show...

Via ::Pink Tentacle: Dreamy concept cars at Tokyo Motor Show 2007 (blog)

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