Mongoose CX Motocross - Electric Bike

Though we could find no mention it on their own website, Mongoose have certainly joined the electric vehicle movement with their new CX Motocross. (Currie Technologies seem to have provided much of the electrical savvy.) For $339 USD you can leap aboard a steel steed that has 24V 450W electric motor under the saddle. Your urban pony will not carry you across the width of the country, (unless you live in Liechtenstein !) but it will transport you within a range of about 18-25 miles (29-40 km) at a speed of around 15 mph (24 kph). At 80 lbs (36 kg) it is not too gruesomely heavy to pedal home should you run out of charge. Front disc brakes on 20" wheels with front suspended forks sound more interesting than a plug-and-play sealed lead acid battery (SLA), that is until you start going uphill and want to tap into some of that electrical grunt. Thanks to Summer Rayne Oakes for the tip. Available from ::Electric Transport.