Mitsubishi's i-MiEV Electric Car to be Priced at £28,680 in UK

i-miev mitsubishi electric car naias 2010 photo

Photo: Michael Graham Richard
A Bit Expensive, But New Technologies Usually are at First
Mitsubishi has announced the price of its electric i-MiEV in the UK. They are scheduling deliveries to customers for January 1st, 2011, to coincide with government incitatives for electric cars. The price has been set at £28,680.00 (£33,699 if you include the VAT of 17.5%). The subsidy should be about £5,000, so that leaves us with £23,680 (in US dollars, that's about $35,262 based on today's exchange rate).
i-miev mitsubishi electric car naias 2010 photo

Photo: Michael Graham Richard

Cars tend to be more expensive in the UK than in the USA, so American readers can hope for a better deal.

To try to sweeten the deal, Mitsubishi listed the advantages that the i-MiEV has over regular gasoline or diesel cars:

* Only £115 fuel costs for 12,000 miles driving (£0.96 pence for a full charge)
* Low servicing costs and downtime - only approximately 4 working parts compared to over 300 in a typical internal combustion engine
* Exempt from road tax (saving approx £300 per annum)
* First year capital allowances for fleet vehicles
* Zero benefit-in-kind company car tax
* Lower rate of VAT for domestic electricity
* Exempt from congestion charge (saving up to £2,000 per annum)
* Free parking in many London boroughs and cities such as Milton Keynes
* Expected high residual values due to high demand outstripping supply for several years to come

It's still expensive, but that's to be expected with a new technology. I'm sure there are enough early adopters and fleet buyers out there to pick up the first few batches, and by the time the second wave of adopters jumps in, batteries should be less expensive and hold more power (for example, Nissan is already announcing that it wants to double the range of the LEAF by 2015).

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Via Mitsubishi, Autoblog Green
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