Mitsubishi Unveils All-Electric Car With Solar Roof


Mitsubishi has unveiled this all-electric concept car called the i MIEV Sport. Besides being a zero-emission vehicle, the car incorporates a solar roof, two compact wind turbines built into the front grill, and a regenerative braking system. Additions like these will only modestly increase the range of the car, but they certainly contribute towards keeping the car's batteries charged. Solar roofs can add 20 miles per day the car's range (see this previous post). The i MIEV Sport is based on Mitsubishi's i MIEV electric car, which we featured previously. Like the i MIEV, the Sport uses a rear-midship layout with its lithium-ion batteries stored underneath the passenger floor. The powertrain consists of two electric motors in the front (one to power each front wheel), and one motor providing power to the rear-wheels. Much of the lighting is LED-based, including in the rear combination lamps and vehicle interior. The efficiency of the air conditioning is enhanced by the use of heat-absorbing window glass. In addition, Green Plastic — Mitsubishi Motors' plant-based resin technology — is used for interior components.

:: Via Babez.De

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