Mission Motors Unveils the Sexy Mission R Electric Motorcycle

mission r electric motorcycle photo
Photo: Mission Motors
James Bond Would Certainly Like It!
The last time we heard about Mission Motors, they were launching their MissionEVT operation (selling high-performance electric drivetrain components). But it's not the only thing that has been keeping them busy lately; they've also been developing the Mission R racing electric motorcycle, which they are unveiling today. Read on for more specs and photos.mission r electric motorcycle photo
Photo: Mission Motors
Racing on Electrons
Straight from the announcement: "The Mission R packs 14.4 kWh and 141 horsepower in a package smaller than a modern 600cc sportbike. The liquid-cooled 3-phase AC Induction motor creates 115 ft-lbs of torque at the crank from 0 to 6400 RPM, propelling the Mission R to a top speed of over 160mph in a singe gear. The MissionEVT 100kW motor controller, with customizable regenerative braking maps and throttle maps, allows the rider to tune the bike to his or her preferences."

The batteries use a "swappable architecture", which probably means that they can be swapped quickly, either between races or during pit stops.

The zero to sixty mph of the Mission R hasn't been revealed yet, but no doubt it will be impressive.

mission r electric motorcycle photo
Photo: Mission Motors

The Mission R will hit the track in early 2011 and will compete in the Time Trial Xtreme Grand Prix (TTXGP) racing series, a race for "zero emissions" motorcycles.

It's very cool that the components refined in this bike will find their way into the MissionEVT division of Mission Motors. This means that while they might not sell tons of electric racing bikes, they can still help the electric vehicle industry progress faster.

mission r electric motorcycle photo
Photo: Mission Motors

All of the Mission R specs can be found here.

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