Minimobil - We're Slow, But It Goes 56mph.

It's probably my fault. I fess up. A week might be a long time in politics, but a month in blogworld, well, that's forever. Seems I've been sitting on this media release since 11 July 05, which has made us about the last on the planet to cover the Minimobil. On the off chance you missed it elsewhere, thought we give it a quick run. Now before you go get all huffy about the Minimobil isn't, let's be clear on just what it is. The design brief was "produce a prototype of a small road vehicle for easy and environment protected transportation of people and their luggage and with many other possibilities in city centres and city suburbs." It can do short country trips to fill, as they say, a "gap between the motorcycle and the small car, equipped with their joint advantages and without their disadvantages." Goes 30-50 km on its battery and 350 km on the hybrid petrol engine. Park it rear to the kerb for fun. Worldchanging were much more nimble and did a number on it ages ago, or you can go the source who helped fund the project; Europe's ::Eureka!