MINI Pedi-Cab Stunt in China: Not So Green

Mini Pedi-Cab China photo

Clean Car or Dirty Pedicab?
While we're all for encouraging the use of more pedi-cabs in urban environments, MINI's publicity stunt in Beijing isn't exactly green. Not the worse thing happening in China right now, of course, but probably the most polluting pedi-cab in the world when total footprint is calculated: The body of the car was shipped from Germany to Hong Kong, where it was modified and assembled. From there it was shipped to Beijing for the olympics. Read on for more photos.
MINI Rickshaw Beijing China photo

Mini rickshaw olympics china photo

Since PR stunts are mostly symbolic in the first place, we encourage MINI to offset the emissions from this project. But especially, we encourage them to make more than 500 units of the electric MINI cooper. Now that could make a difference.

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