Mini E Won't See Commercial Production, Field Trial Results Destined For 2010 Electric BMW

mini e grill photo

photo: Mini USA

You probably heard or read about last week's announcement that applications for the Mini E field test had been opened and that 500 people in the Los Angeles and New York metro areas would be participating. Maybe you ever applied to have the honor of paying for a year-long lease on one of the two-seat Coopers and giving feedback to Mini in the hopes that sometime, hopefully sooner rather than later, you can actual purchase one. Well, it doesn't look like that'll be the case:A BMW spokesperson was quoted in Auto Express:

"As the rear seats and cargo carrying space are lost [because of the battery pack], the MINI is not a candidate for mass production," said a BMW spokesman. He said that the drivetrain is likely to appear on the 5-Series or 7-Series. The new electric-system will also find its way under the hood of the 3-Series and the X1 and X3 SUVs.

Auto Express went on to say that a lithium-ion battery-powered BMW is due in 2010.

via: Auto Express
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