Mike Turner's Awesome 95 MPG AeroCivic

diy aerocivic high mpg honda photo

Last year, I wrote about the awesome DIY "AeroCivic" by Mike Turner, a modified 1992 Honda Civic CX that gets 95 miles per gallon (at 65 MPH). I was glad to learn via Darin of EcoModder that Mike now has created a website dedicate to his baby. Other hypermilers and car modders can certainly learn from this master.

diy aerocivic site image

On the website, aerocivic.com, Mike shares his experience with the car. Designing and building it, driving it, what kind of performance he's getting out of it.

Some great observations, showing us how important it is to reduce the drag coefficient of vehicles (the all-new 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid has a CD of 0.25, the Aerocivic has a CD of 0.17):

"This car coasts so well that when I switch from driving this car to a "normal" car, it feels as if I am driving on a road covered with molasses, and that, like a powerboat, you have to keep pouring on the power to maintain headway. By contrast, with this car on a level road it only takes a light touch on the accelerator to maintain speed and it takes only the slightests of downhills to maintain speed in a coast. Even a Prius now feels "draggy" at highway speeds compared to this car."

Check it out.

Via AeroCivic
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