Mikado Bicycles — Made in Canada

All this recent talk of new hybrid cars and suchlike could lead one to believe that there were no interesting bikes out there, taking their role as the true green transport. Not so. Take just two models from the range by Mikado. We picture the 21 speed Quetzal first, simply because it's more eye-catching. Although having a steel frame, it weighs in at a respectable 19.25kg (42.35 lb) for a cycle with a semi-recumbent position. Designed for everyday riding, it has Shimano components, a Selle seat, and like the whole Mikado range is handcrafted in Canada. But of equal interest is the very classically styled 7 speed Volta city bike (pic below). It sports a power-assisted 25w motor from Sanyo. Mikado have been making such electric bikes since 1996, and reckon their models can attain about 40 km (25 mile) per charge. Observe the mudguards/fenders, just the thing to reduce the chances of arriving at work with a soggy derrière. ::Mikado

The power-assisted Volta