Microsoft Launches Private Bus Service- Windows Included


Microsoft has introduced a 14 bus fleet to keep employees happy, out of bumper-to-bumper traffic, and reduce air pollution and traffic congestion. "It is a great corporate decision to take a look at where the transportation system isn't meeting the needs of your commuters and fill in the gaps," said John Resha, general manager of the Urban Mobility Group, "The system we've got can't evolve quickly enough." Companies shouldn't have to to this; public transit should. "This is something that the county bus system should be doing and they're not," said Stephen Gerritson, executive director for Commuter Challenge, a Seattle non-profit.

Like Google, Microsoft's offices are in the suburbs, so both companies have to spend money bringing transit to them, rather than locating where the transit is in the first place. Dumb move for such smart people.

Of course the buses will have wireless internet and windows. ::Seattlepi

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