Microcab: An Urban Zero-Emissions Taxi Cab

We've covered outlandish looking micro-cars before, such as George Clooney's Tango or the leans-like-a-motorbike Naro, for example. Now we've found another intriguing concept, the hydrogen powered Microcab, a low-speed (30mph) urban taxi vehicle with zero emissions (at the tailpipe at least):

"The Microcab is the product of innovative thinking by entrepreneur John Jostins. For many years he has visualised a small, urban vehicle with zero emissions suitable for use as a taxi or light freight carrier. The result is a vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, pollution free and virtually silent in operation. The only emission is water vapour."

And unlike some concepts that are out there, this one has a real-world presence. A prototype recently took part in the Revolve: Brighton to London eco-car rally, which was attended by the Prince of Wales. ::Microcab::