Mexican Cities Need More Sustainable Transport Options


According to a new study from the Center for Sustainable Transport, or CTS, by 2015, 27 Mexican cities will have more than 750,000 inhabitants each and their current car-based transportation models will be inefficient and unable to handle a major increase in vehicle traffic. The report urged medium-sized Mexican cities like Querétaro, Torreón, Poza Rica, Tampico, Cuernavaca, Morelia and Celaya to undertake their own massive public transport projects like those in Mexico City and Guadalajara.

"It's true that the models that have had success in the big cities, like Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, have a lot of impact in other medium-sized cities, but it's also true that these other cities could become sustainable more quickly, if they plan a future based on their own terrain characteristics and activities," said Adriana de Almeida Lobo, who heads the CTS.The report was released this week at the Third International Congress on Sustainable Transport at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, where experts from Brazil, Colombia, Spain, the United States and Mexico are gathered to discuss planning, investment, policies and indicators related to transport and public health. :: Via Milenio (Spanish link)

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