MET Car: Electric Trike For One (And Occasionally a Friend)

met electric tricycle recharge photo
Images credit Yanko Design

The Auto and Tech departments are out of the office, so I get to play with the MET. It is an interesting concept for an electric car, designed for a single person but you can squeeze two in if they are affectionate. Following demographic trends, the designers Kyu-Hyun Lee & Sol Lee note on Yanko that "The need for massive cars is dwindling so MET was designed to address the social constructs of future families to meet the needs and possibilities of an electric future."

met electric tricycle recharge photo

Perhaps the cleverest part of the MET is the detachable rear wheel that contains the batteries. Being a wheel, it is easy to move around, and you don't need special hoists like they do at a Better Place. (see Meg's test drive here)

met electric tricycle recharge photo

It just detaches, and you haul it over to the charger and do your exchange. There is no need to wait for a recharging, you just rent another wheel.

met electric tricycle recharge photo

Now some might make the point that putting the batteries into the wheel is silly, that the connections are going to be difficult and all that high speed spinning can't do them a lot of good. Others, like me, might say that an electric assisted bike is even lighter and simpler. But hey, I am just filling in here. More at Yanko
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