Merkavim: Riding the Business Bus


Thinking about getting rid of the chauffeur for the Benz and the limo? Millionaires and debonairs might consider a new way of greener travel once they get wind of the new business bus developed by Israeli company Merkavim (Hebrew for chariots). A few weeks after Egged Israel released the news that "greener buses" will be hitting Israeli streets, Merkavim unveiled its plan to invest USD $230,000 for developing a fleet of business class buses for executives. Anyone out there ride the bus in Turkey, where a steward-like attendant sprays your hands with scented cologne and offers you biscuits and coffee? It's pretty swell. Maybe it's the hospitality of the East or maybe traveling by bus has just jumped a step up. ::YNetMerkavim's buses will run from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the interior will be designed to look and feel like an airplane's business class. Purchased by the company Tourbus, the buses will be offered for daily rental and will include a separate conference room, multimedia devices, office equipment, adjustable and comfy seats and food services.

The bus will be available for $600 a day (a normal bus costs between $350 and $400 a day and a taxi ride from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv about $75); it can transport up to 34 passengers. Merkavim CEO Micha Micksner told YNet that the company plans to offer the bus to companies in Europe. He estimates that the company would export approximately 30 such buses in 2007. ::YNet