Mercedes Unveils Tree of Innovation at Oscars


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This Sunday nestled among the tributes to Hollywood's brightest stars during the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, Mercedes-Benz USA will unveil a new ad campaign called "Tree of Innovation" which stars the S400 HYBRID and showcases the company's expanding repertoire of environmentally oriented vehicles. The ad is the first to feature the new "voice" for Mercedes-Benz USA's advertising, Jon Hamm, the Golden Globe winning star of the TV series Mad Men. The 30-second "Tree of Innovation" spot opens on a majestic 250 year-old tree in a beautiful, lush environment with dozens of glittering glass frames containing images of Mercedes-Benz innovations hanging from its branches. Under the tree is an S400 HYBRID.And the winner is....
The Mercedes-Benz 2010 S400 HYBRID is the world's first production vehicle powered by lithium ion, a sophisticated new battery technology that is more compact and energy efficient than conventional batteries. It is one of two hybrids the company offers along with three BlueTEC clean diesels and an upcoming fleet of fuel cell vehicles. It has been shortlisted for the prestigious World Green Car Award to be announced April 2010 at the New York International Auto Show.


Source: Merkley and Partners

"For decades we've been experimenting with alternative powerplant vehicles - from the days we invented the diesel more than 70 years ago - but for the first time it seems like the market is ready for these vehicles and this campaign showcases our portfolio and our direction," said Stephen Cannon, vice president of marketing for MBUSA.


Source: Merkley and Partners

The Mercedes-Benz 2010 S400 is one of two hybrids the company offers in the U.S. along with three BlueTEC clean diesels and an upcoming fleet of fuel cell vehicles. Following the Academy Awards, "Tree" will begin rotating on high-profile shows and events including "American Idol," "CSI: Miami," "Today" and "24". The ad will be supported by a mix of print and on-line advertising with an environmental theme, including ads in the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal on Earth Day, as well as sponsorships of associated events, such as Slate's The Hive conference and online content on "The Efficient Life."


Source: Merkley and Partners
All around the Country
In conjunction with the Oscars, MBUSA will be running an Academy Awards Digital Extension on the ABC Network affiliate sites in MBUSA's top 16 markets, as well as across the Los Angeles Times and The New York Observer websites. Additionally, while the awards are taking place on the west coast this Sunday, back on the east coast, the Reuters screen in New York's Times Square will come to life with action footage of the S400 HYBRID.

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