Mercedes-Benz Offers Leather-Free Option in All Cars

Mercedes-Benz has agreed to offer leather-free interiors for all of its cars. Pressure from the German chapter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) led DaimlerChrysler to announce that its Mercedes subsidiary will offer fabric or synthetic leather as options either at the dealership or via special order. This is certainly good news for the four to fifteen cows that, according to PETA research, are saved by each leather-free car. When considered alongside our previous reports that Mercedes-Benz is using natural fibers in structural parts and that DaimlerChrysler 's new bionic concept car that gets 70 mpg makes DaimlerChrysler look a little better in the increasingly competitive green car market. But is looking better all the policy is good for? We got to wondering: is an SL500 without the leather like the Mercedes without the Benz? Will anyone really go for it? Mercedes drivers, let's hear from you. Spend your two cents! via ::PlanetArk