Mentos Eruption Powers Vehicle, Freshens Breath

photo mentos eruption rocket car youtube.JPG

Mentos ... The Freshmaker also could be known as Mentos ... The Fuelmaker. You can make a car move with nothing but Coke Zero, Mentos, and some super sudsy science. If you've spent any time on the Internets, you've no doubt seen the wonders of Mentos combined with Diet Coke. They can make showering fountains of amazingness that give Old Faithful a run for its money.

Unfortunately, using Coke Zero in place of Diet Coke won't replace fossil fuels. But it does make for a heck of a refreshing video, from EepyBird, the same people to document the original Mentos eruption.

"Sadly, the economics of scale required to make Coke Zero and Mentos an actual substitute for gasoline and diesel make the newfound fuel unlikely to gain widespread acceptance," AutoBlogGreen observes.

"For what it's worth, it apparently takes 108 two-liter bottles of Coke Zero along with 648 Mentos to travel exactly 221 feet."

Or multiply that by 23.9 to get miles per Mentos (sort of). That's 2,581 bottles of Coke Zero and 15,487 Mentos per mile, rounded up. That would take quite a Mentos/Coke Zero tank. And what about that carbon dioxide?

How many Mentos candies are there in a pack of Mentos? Was this the secret to the Wonkamobile? And you thought making ethanol from corn was a bad idea.

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