Men Waste £2,000 in Fuel While Lost Because They Won't Ask for Directions

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276 Extra Miles Per Year on Average
According to a study by British insurer Sheilas' Wheels (watch out for the bright pink website), men waste about £2,000 in fuel over their lifetime because they won't ask for directions when they are lost, leading to an average of 276 extra miles being driven per year. Definitely not green...

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The study [condutected in the UK] by Sheilas' Wheels car insurance found that over a quarter of men (26 per cent) wait at least half an hour before asking for directions, with a stubborn one in ten (12 per cent) male motorists refusing to ask a stranger for help at all. [...]

In addition, almost three-quarters of women (74 per cent) have no qualms about asking for directions, with 37 per cent admitting to pulling over as soon as they realise they are lost, compared to just 30 per cent of men. However, 40 per cent of the men polled said that even if they were to ask a stranger for directions, they wouldn't always trust or follow them.

But let's not blame only men; women drive 256 extra miles a year because they get lost. It's a statistically significant difference, but it's still a lot of wasted fuel for women.

The moral of this story is that if you have a tendency to get lost, either plan your trips more careful or get a navigation system, and if you get lost, ask for direction quickly, don't drive around aimlessly for 45 minutes. You'll save time and gas...

Via Sheilas Wheels, The Telegraph
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