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Cardboard Bicycle Brings Costs WAY Down
We already know how wonderful, efficient, fun, safe and green cycling is. The only problem, however, is that for people interested in getting into cycling--but who aren't sure if they'll like it or stick with it--it's hard to justify making an investment in a bicycle, even if it is of the cheap (some might say schlock) Wal-Mart variety. Well, Phil Bridge, a 21 year old design student at Sheffield Hallam University, has come up with a solution (maybe): build the bicycle out of cardboard! Why? Because it makes it extremely inexpensive. In fact, Mr. Bridge claims he can sell the complete bike for around $30 USD. At that price the up-front cost of the bicycle becomes a non-issue.

What will be an issue, however, is the possibility that the cardboard frame will collapse or break, especially in the rain. Nevertheless, Mr. Bridge claims that "the prototype does work but it is still quite limited and there are a few problems." Learn more about the bike after the fold.

Cardboard Frames--the Next Great Thing?
The frame itself is made out "the cardboard. . .used in industrial packaging. It's very strong and it has a honeycomb core. It's mainly used in partition walling and packaging." The idea is that people could buy the cardboard bike and try cycling to see if they like it; if they decide to do, they can then upgrade to a "normal" bike (perhaps made out of bamboo or wood?). Okay, so the cardboard bike probably won't be the next great innovation in bicycle design (we'll leave the to carbon fibre and bamboo). But whether or not the cardboard bike proves feasible or durable, it's certainly an interesting idea. After all, what could be greener than a bicycle made from recycled cardboard?

Via: ::Telegraph
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