Meet the 98% Recyclable Subway Car - Coming in 2012 (Video)


Images: Screengrab via YouTube

Good public transportation is an increasingly important element for any city, especially as the trend towards urbanization continues its steady march. As we all know, mass transit relieves congestion, reduces air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and saves a good deal of energy. So whenever I catch wind of a project that goes beyond the already-green parameters of typical transit, I can't help but get a little tingly. Poland, for instance, has announced it will be bringing what may be the greenest subway cars yet to the Warsaw underground: Not only are they super energy efficient, but the entire cars are almost entirely recyclable. Here's a closer look:

Crisp Green has the details:

The cars are rated to be 97.5 percent recyclable. The aluminum carriage and weight-optimized chassis make the design significantly lighter than most traditional subway cars. The lighter cars require less energy to run, reducing the overall consumption of this public transit system.

The cars also utilize demand-controlled air conditioning and electrodynamic braking systems which reduce noise and fine particle emissions, and an alternative to conventional drive technology. The Syntergra system reduces energy consumption by as much as 30 percent and lowering maintenance costs by up to 15 percent.

The project is a collaboration between Siemens, BMW, and Poland, and the resulting sustainable design is called Inspiro. 35 such cars are scheduled to be built, and they will be put into use by 2012.



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