Meet the G-Electric, an Experimental Electrified Mercedes Monster for the Dutch Ministry of Defense

G-ElectricG-Electric Website/Screen capture

The Mercedes G-Wagen, which is used by some military forces, is one tough and powerful vehicle. It can be had with a 5.4-liter supercharged V8 that produces close to 500-horsepower and is to fuel what a frat boy is to alcohol... But that's not true for all Mercedes G-Wagens. There's one exception: The G-Electric is powered by 92% efficient in-wheel electric motors that generate a tremendous amount of torque (a combined 3,688 pounds-feet, or 5000 Nm), probably making the G-Electric the most powerful EV that isn't a huge industrial equipment. The battery is of the lithium-ion chemistry and it's packaged under the passenger compartment, leaving more space under the hood for future experiments.

"e-Traction is designer of this one-off vehicle. It has been realized to serve the research needs of e-traction and the Dutch Ministry of Defense. Watch the Dutch city of Apeldoorn, where this car can be spotted." Check out the Antony Ingram. Check out the official G-Electric website for more details.

You can see it (briefly) in action in the video below:

Via G-Electric, Green Car Reports

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