MDI Unveils Radically Designed Air-Powered Concept Car

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A Radical Design for A Simple Idea
Vehicles powered by compressed air, much as plug-in hybrids and hydrogen cars, seem to be perennially stuck in the concept car phase, with talk of commercial releases just around the corner. However, the promise of air cars--which, as the name implies, run on compressed air--is in some ways greater than any other vehicle, as the only energy they need is the electricity required to compress the air that goes into the tank. Of course, air cars currently are limited in their range and speed, but just as we've seen with electric cars such as the Think and the ZENN, there are numerous applications for low-mileage, low-speed cars. Clearly, air cars could fill that niche quite well.MDI, which "has been pioneering, or at least attempting to pioneer, the compressed-air-powered car for the last 20 years," has now come up with a new air car called the Airpod, which is designed to fill just that niche. With a top speed of 40 MPH, a range of 130 miles, and seating for three, the uniquely designed vehicle could work very well for a lot of people. Sounds pretty good, but alas, as with so many efficient vehicles, be they prototypes or not, this car won't be available in the U.S. until 2010, although it will supposedly hit the European market next year.

Via: Yahoo Green
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