MDI Air Car

From the brand-spanking new Jalopnik, we've learned about this air-propelled car, which a Luxembourg manufacturer plans to put into production as soon as next year. An electric pump compresses air into the tank, making Air Car go. The pump plugs into a regular power outlet to complete its four-hour recharge cycle. The vehicle's top speed is 70 mph, but at that speed, it can only go about 50 miles, so we'll completely understand if you decide to just stick to your Segway. We can't imagine anyone daring to reach those speeds in such a tiny thing anyway, but then again, we've eaten Smart car dust on the Autostrade, so we're sure those sassy European drivers will figure out a way to make it burn rubber. Three-seater car, €8,000; six-seater car, €13,000 ::MDI Air Car