McCain Wants a Gas Tax Holiday; What About the Dems?


We already know that John McCain is advocating for a suspension of the federal gas tax for the summer in order to ease the recession. But what about the two democratic candidates? Well, as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton take their battle for the nomination to Indiana, their increasing desperation for garnering votes has spilled over into the question of whether or not McCain's plan would be a sound one. Clinton, who is behind in the delegate count, supports the idea of halting the gasoline tax over the summer, while Obama has spoken out against it, saying "The only way we're going to lower gas prices over the long term is if we start using less oil." Obama has also said that he would want Al Gore to play a central role in forming climate policy.

Clinton claims that the gas tax can be suspended without drying up an important source of revenue for the federal government. How would she pull that off?

A recent ad put out by her campaign argues that "Hillary Clinton knows it's time to act, take some of the windfall profits of big oil to pay to suspend the gas tax this summer, investigate the oil giants for price gouging and collusion." Granted, taking profits away from big oil is always easier said than done, but once again, as with health care and other issues, the difference between the two in terms of actual policy is slight. Rest assured that John McCain has no intention of taking profits away from Big Oil. Meanwhile, both have been flirting with the coal vote as they have advocated for clean coal technology. So who would be the best advocate for environmental issues? We'll leave it to you, our readers, to debate that one. . .

Via: ::Yahoo! News

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