Mazda Shows Off Car Interiors from Biofabric


In what could be the next frontier of the green car race, the car company Mazda has developed an interior automotive fabric made from plants. It could be that Mazda saw Honda's biofabric development last year and wanted to jump on board with one of their own. What can we say - good ideas travel fast.

This paragraph is dedicated to the engineering geeks:

The biofabric is made of 100% polylactic acid—a plastic created by combining large numbers of lactic acid molecules that are made from fermented carbohydrates such as plant sugars
. Like Honda's biofabric, Mazda's version will be able to stand the wear and tear (and sunlight) of a typical car interior. You can check out the plant-based fabric for yourself....if you plan to be in Tokyo this October. The biofabric will be debuting inside the Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid at this year's Tokyo Auto Show.

::Via Green Car Congress