Mazda Delivers Hydrogen-Powered RX-8 RE to Norway

mazda hydrogen rx8 re norway photo

Photo: Mazda
Could That Guy Look Any Less Excited to be Getting a Hydrogen Car?
Mazda has delivered the second hydrogen RX8, but the first one to have Norwegian-specs, to the Norwegian government. 29 others are to follow and will be used in HyNor, a government-backed national hydrogen project. This particular hydrogen RX8 RE will in ceremonies and media events on May 11th when the country's hydrogen refueling stations officially open. Read on for more details on HyNor and Mazda's hydrogen RX8 RE.
mazda hydrogen rx8 re norway photo

Photo: Mazda

From Mazda's press release:

The HyNor project aims to enable hydrogen vehicles to travel along a 580-kilometer stretch of highway by establishing a chain of hydrogen stations between Stavanger and Oslo in Norway. Mazda agreed to collaborate with HyNor on the project in November 2007 and began validation of the RX-8 Hydrogen RE's driving performance on Norwegian public roads in October 2008.

mazda hydrogen rx8 re norway photo

Photo: Mazda

Some of the features of the Mazda RX8 RE are:

Fuel Switching: "When the system runs out of hydrogen fuel, it automatically switches over to gasoline. Further, in the case of long-distance trips and trips to areas with no hydrogen fuel supply, the driver can manually switch from hydrogen to gasoline at the touch of a button, even while the vehicle is moving. The rotor-shaped fuel mode selection button is located at the bottom right of the driver's side instrument panel, and is illuminated in blue when in hydrogen mode.
Switching from gasoline to hydrogen is possible only when the vehicle is stopped."

Driving Range: In hydrogen fuel mode was extended to 100 km (in 10/15 mode) thanks to a larger fuel tank and improved fuel efficiency technology.

The hydrogen high-pressure tanks are located at the rear of the vehicle, so the gasoline tank stays full-sized (61 liters).

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