Mavizen's 130 MPH TTX02 Electric Motorcycle Runs on Linux

mavizen electric motorcycle photo

Photo: Mavizen

Why did you stop? Well, I was recompiling my kernel and got a segfault...

Mavizen has decided to offer a new electric bike based on the previous winner of the TTXGP so that other teams can have a solid foundation to build on for next year. The TTX02 is based on the KTM RC8 with a Agni powerplant. The twist is that they call it a "laptop on wheels" because of all the electronics it packs on top of what is strictly required to control the electric motor (dash-mounted computer that runs Linux, has wifi connectivity and a web-server, etc).

mavizen electric motorcycle photo

Photo: Mavizen
All this hardware and software might seem overkill for a racing bike, especially since it no doubt adds a bit of weight, but it probably compensates for that by giving the teams who will buy one more information about their performance and more ways to customize the ride. If the bike is able to tell you in great details how you're doing, it's probably easier to make adjustments (both to the bike itself and to the way it is driven) to shave off precious seconds from your laps.

Technical Details
The twin electric motors have a peak horsepower of about 100hp and they get their electricity from a lithium-ion battery. 3 different batteries will be offered, with 11kWh being the biggest one (it should give the bike a range of at least 38 miles, enough to complete the Isle of Man race).

Here are some more specs:

  • Top Speed: 130 MPH
  • Core operating system is open source Linux
  • USB based system bus allows virtually unlimited number of peripherals to extend the capabilities of the machine with plug'n'play
  • Dry weight: 110kg (without batteries)
  • Seat height: 805 mm
  • Ground clearance: 110 mm (depending on battery and suspension configuration)
  • Wheelbase: 1,430 mm
  • Frame type: Chromoly trellis frame, powder-coated
  • Rake (fork angle): 23.3°
  • Trail: 90 mm
  • Front suspension: WP-USD, 43 mm

  • Front suspension travel: 120 mm
  • Rear suspension: WP-Monoshock

  • Rear suspension travel: 125 mm
  • Front tyre dimensions: 120/70-17

  • Rear tyre dimensions: 190/55-17
  • Front brakes: Double disc. Brembo

  • Front brakes diameter: 320 mm
  • Rear brakes: Single disc. Brembo
  • Rear brakes diameter: 220 mm

Here's a video (below) that shows the TTX02 in action and elaborates a bit on the thinking behind its creation. It's a bit over the top, with some "majestic" music that tries to make us believe that this is a world-changing bike... But if you can get passed that, it's still a pretty cool piece of technology that is no doubt helping engineers figure out how to make better electric vehicles, and to my mind, that's the main reason why electric vehicle racing is important.

Below is a video of the unveiling of the new Mavizen bike at SEMA:

The Mavizen TTX02 should be available in Q1 of 2010, with "a limited production of 50 units". The target price for a complete bike with a Circuit Pack is £25,000 (about $41,500).

Via Mavizen, Asphalt and Rubber, AutoblogGreen

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Mavizen's 130 MPH TTX02 Electric Motorcycle Runs on Linux
Why did you stop? Well, I was recompiling my kernel and got a segfault...digg_url = '';Mavizen has decided to offer a new electric bike

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