London's Congestion Pricing Has Transformed Transportation in the City for the Better!

London MapITO World/Screen capture

All Big Cities Should Copy This Idea from London

If anyone still doubted that congestion charging can nudge a city toward greener forms of transportation, these maps by ITO World should dispel those doubts. They should the increases and decreases in car, bike and bus usage between 2001 and 2010. This is telling because beginning in early 2003, the city of London started charging a fee (currently £10, or US$16.19) to motorists who want to drive through the city center, and that money is used to improve the city's transit system.

The maps show a significant decrease - over 30% in many places - in car usage (above), and in parallel to that, a significant increase in bike and bus use in the same general areas (see below). The suburbs still show some car use increase, but the city center is definitely very blue when it comes to cars an red when it comes to more sustainable alternatives.

London MapITO World/Screen capture

Note that the bright red dots on the bicycle usage map represent increases of more than 100%!

London MapITO World/Screen capture

Hopefully other big cities with congestion and air pollution problems will follow suit. It not only reduces traffic, but it also provides a way to fund transit.

Via DC Streetsblog

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