Making Trains Fun, Sexy, And Romantic in Japan

When I first moved to Japan in 1988, one of the things that made life here so great was the transit. Here is a very nostalgic collection of commercials that play on the theme of meeting the one you love, during the holiday season. Music by Tatsuro Yamashita: Christmas Eve. Old posters and more train musings:

japan rail cinderella express poster detail image

The Cinderella Express was a campaign to get people to take the Shinkansen super express train up north from Tokyo, into Snow Country. It was very successful!

japan rail 18 tickets poster detail image

Here is part of a poster that plays on taking the slow train - much cheaper than the super express (Shinkansen). You get an option of tickets and for a limited number of days, you can take an unlimited number of local trains.

japan rail no smoking poster detail image

This reminds me of how times have changed: now, smoking is not allowed on any of the trains in Japan - a big change from 20 years ago!

japan rail schedule campaign poster detail image

What can I say - I'm in love! This was a classic poster promoting the new bus schedule. In many regions of Japan, you need thick schedule books for both the train and the bus, to go to remote locations. So much fun to plan your trip, and if you are lucky, who will you meet on the long, slow journey...?

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