Maker Faire NYC: Hand-Painted Bike Helmets Are Stylish and Beautiful

belle-helmets photo

All Photos: Alex Davies

Few, if any of the many bike helmets we've covered on TreeHugger have embodied simplicity and beauty as well as those from the aptly-named Belle Helmets. The work of Danielle Baskin, the helmets are all hand-painted, and were on display this weekend when Maker Faire rolled through New York City.


Aiming to "promote safer transportation alternatives through fashion," Baskin's helmets have carved out their own niche, apart from the really cool concept models and DIY ilk that have graced these web pages.


You can check out all of the designs on the Belle Helmets web site; they run between $100 and $250, though the price drops if you supply the helmet, or canvas, if you will.

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