"Mad Men" Stars Help Sell High Speed Rail (video)


photo via AMC

"Mad Men," actors Vincent Kartheiser and Rich Sommer are using their iconic characters to champion high-speed rail in America. A few newly elected Republican governors are refusing federal dollars for new high speed rail that would help modernize our transportation infrastructure and create new jobs--a missed opportunity, according to Kartheiser and Sommer.Kartheiser, in his role as ad man Pete Campbell, pitches Americans on getting out of their cars, and he's answered by his co-worker:

"Why are you worrying about this? Trains make sense. They're efficient, they're convenient, they're good for jobs. Hell, I'd rather take a train than fly or drive anywhere. We don't need to sell trains."

Video via Funny or Die:

President Obama has offered a 6-year, $53 billion spending plan to help build new high-speed rail, but Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Ohio Gov. John Kasich are rejecting the funds. I'm happy to say that California Gov. Jerry Brown is more than happy to take federal dollars to build a network that connect Northern and Southern California. A study by the Center for Urban Infrastructure estimated that new high speed rail would reduce CO2 by half a billion pounds annually by 2035. It will also add 127,000 permanent jobs to southern California.

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