Low Emission Zone is Coming

You've read about the congestion charge in London, well the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) is the congestion charge for trucks. As of Monday, diesel engined trucks over 12 tons will have to pay £200 ($400) a day to drive into the Greater London area, a much larger area than the one affecting cars. This is being done in an effort to improve air quality in the city, since London has the worst air pollution in the UK. Road transport is the single biggest source of particulate matter (soot) and nitrogen oxides, the main cause of respiratory illness and asthma. All trucks have to be fitted with an exhaust treatment systems up to a specific standard or they will be required to pay the daily charge. By the summer the fee will be extended to cover lighter trucks, buses, coaches and some minibuses.

Critics say that buses and taxis belch out the most fumes and should be included. Others say that it doesn't target C02 pollution. Some are furious that horseboxes(!) are included which affects rural lifestyle. Researchers say that over a 10 year period the zone would add 5,200 years to lives that would otherwise would have been cut short. There will be "important but relatively modest reductions" in harmful emissions. :: LEZ

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