Lovecraft Biofuels Going Nationwide?! (Updated)


Our pals over at Jalopnik got a hot tip that Lovecraft Biofuels (whom we featured here and profiled on TreeHugger TV here) will be expanding from their one location in Los Angeles to 10 stores around the US. Details remain a little sketchy at this point, but according to Jalopnik's tipster, "They're opening up ten stores, one in Seattle, and Portland... uh, Houston," and the rest go unnamed for the time being. Remember, Lovecraft does diesel-to-veggie-oil engine conversions, specializing in a single tank system that allows you to mix new or waste vegetable oil, diesel and/or bio-diesel in any combination using the original fuel tank. We've contacted the folks at Lovecraft and hoping that they'll get back to us in between conversions; stay tuned for more updates as events warrant. ::Lovecraft Biofuels via ::Jalopnik
Update: Brian from Lovecraft says:

Yes, we are working with investors, and planning an expansion. I don't want to jump the gun, and give details before they are solidified, but, there will be a steady expansion going on that will include new locations throughout the country, and abroad. We'll announce the plans on our website as they become reality.
You heard it right from the horse's mouth...we'll keep a close eye on them and our fingers crossed that everything goes well with the expansion.

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