Lotus Wind-Powered Car Factory Approved

Lotus car company plans to install 3 wind turbines at its factory photo

Turbine Planning Decision Overturned
The Lotus car company announced that it was planning to install wind turbines at its plant in Norfolk, UK, way back in the early part of 2007. Since then it's been a rocky road, with anti-wind groups resorting to misinformation to fight the project, but now our friends at Ecotricity, Lotus' partners in this project, inform us that planning permission has finally been approved, despite the local council previously turning the project down. Dale Vince, CEO of Ecotricity, had this to say:

"We're chuffed to bits. This is a great site for wind turbines and together with Lotus we're going to create something really special, the world's first car factory powered entirely from wind energy. This will be a massively influential project as the world starts to grapple with the energy crisis and climate change — the ultimate double whammy.

We hoped the council would take this second opportunity to approve this scheme, so that we could all avoid the waste of time and money an appeal would bring. In our hearts we expected another refusal, so we're very pleased with the outcome."

Construction is due to start early next year, with the turbines going online later in the summer.

::Ecotricity::via press release::

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