Los Angeles Loses Streetcars, Cairo Wins


Image from LA Times via BLDGBLOG

Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG shows a photograph of Los Angeles streetcars being loaded onto ships and sent to Cairo. In fact, the classic PCC (Presidents' Conference Committee) streetcar was one of the most popular and ingenious transportation designs of the 20th century, (4978 were built) and when they were pulled off the road in North America, the Cairo system grabbed as many as they could.


Gordon Smith via Transit Toronto
Here is a PCC near Al Ahram Building on Sharia El-Galaa in 1976 Cairo. PCC cars imported in the mid sixties ran on Cairo streets until about 1984.

According to Wikipedia, "The PCC car was not just another modular vehicle but the result of the only systems engineering approach to mass producing a rail car." It also demonstrates another feature of transit over the automobiles and buses that replaced them: these things can last a very long time with good maintenance. Many are still running after seventy-five years.

See more PCC Cars around the world at Transit Toronto

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