Loremo Lives: Super-Efficient Car Prototype Turns Up at Frankfurt Auto Show


TreeHugger sees a lot of slick-looking, future-forward car concepts; they've all got fancy computer-generated images, amazing stats about how fuel-efficient they are, and we drool and fawn all over them, and cross our fingers that we'll see something from them again. A lot of the time, we don't -- the development of the Aptera, now available for order, and the Tesla, are both notable exceptions. We're happy to add the Loremo to this list; first spotted last year, the diminutive, diesel-engined car sips fuel to the tune of 2 liters per 100 km, roughly equivalent to about 120 miles per gallon, turned up live and in living color at the recent Frankfurt Auto Show -- check out the Flickr photostream for more pics of the show, and hit the jump for more info and more pics.


Loremo -- Low Resistance Mobile -- uses good old fashioned efficiency to achieve its super mileage. They've cut out all the fat, leaving an extremely lightweight, low-drag design that just sips at its diesel engine without bothering with a newfangled hybrid drivetrain or high-tech battery packs.


Production is scheduled to begin in 2009; check out the Loremo site for more, and join us in crossing our fingers that we'll see more from Loremo soon. ::Loremo via ::dezeen

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