Loremo Chops the Top: Convertible Version Coming to Geneva


When last we saw Loremo, at the Frankfurt Auto Show, it turned a lot of heads, not only for its slick looks and 120 mpg fuel efficiency, but because it actually existed (which is a lot further than a lot of concept cars make it). Building on the preliminary success of the efficiency, diesel-powered ride, the German developers are working on a convertible version for debut at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show.

The rag-top looks to be a near carbon-copy of the original design (just without the roof, of course); we presume, like the original that was submitted as an entry to the Automotive X Prize, the convertible will have a diesel engine first and an electric motor in subsequent design and production updates. Latest word on the street is that Loremo will hit the streets in 2010. Hit the jump to see the roofed version in action, and cross your fingers that the rag-top will be more than just a rendered model by next year. ::World Car Fans via ::AutoblogGreen

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