Loremo AG: Sporty 157 mpg Diesel


Loremo AG Concept

The concept is refreshingly simple: make an ultra-efficient car that’s light, has exceptionally low drag, and sips diesel with a small engine. This is the Loremo AG, a car that is a combination of innovative technology and back-to-basics thinking. To be shown at the upcoming car show in Geneva, this German creation claims a fuel economy of 157 mpg with no fancy hybrid drive train, fuel cells, or plug in paraphernalia. Weighing less than a thousand pounds, the sporty rear-wheel drive 4-seater is designed to be maximally aerodynamic. The Loremo sports a modest 2-cylinder, 20 hp turbo diesel motor, has a top speed of 100 mph, and does 0-60 in ten seconds. If that sounds like less than elite performance, the anticipated $13,000 price tag should put it in a bit more perspective. The Loremo is due to come onto the European market in 2009.

:: Loremo AG via I4U News (thanks to Andrew for the tip!)

Feb. 2008 Update on the Loremo AG: Loremo Lives: Super-Efficient Car Prototype Turns Up at Frankfurt Auto Show, ::Loremo Chops the Top: Convertible Version Coming to Geneva, ::Sporty Loremo Diesel will Have Electric Version, TooLoremo Diesel will Have Electric Version Too



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