Looking for Something Absurdly Fast? Meet the Acabion


Claiming to be the next step in the evolution of efficient human transport, the Acabion comes off as an airplane fuselage mounted over a ridiculously fast motorcycle. Appearing at this year's Geneva auto show, the German-made Acabion is a synthesis of "aeronautic and bionic concepts," which apparently adds up to a two-passenger vehicle that can do 280 mph at half throttle. The Acabion's fuel economy is a praiseworthy 62 mpg. While the Acabion has certainly captured our attention, the tease factor is painfully high: while we know it can go from 180-280 mph in 10 seconds, and what the drag coefficient is, how about 0-60? What will it cost? And (although I can pretty easily guess) what exactly are the little wheels in the back? The Acabion is traditional internal combustion but has an electric motor for slow speeds in pedestrian areas so that no one gets impaled. The carbon fiber body and safety features are modeled after formula-one racers (which if you doubt, you should see pictures of the recent Los Angeles Enzo crash). While the Acabion may be on to something with the idea of single and double occupancy vehicles, it's not clear how going 300 mph fits into the picture at this point. (click through for more pics) :: Acabion via tipster Lascelles LintonUpdate: Welcome Digg.com readers! Please have a look at our two brand new episodes of Treehugger TV.