London's Popular Electric Vehicle Gets an Upgrade: The G-Wiz i


It seems the folks at UK-based electric vehicle retailer GoinGreen had good reason for their recent pre-Christmas clear out. They are now taking orders for the new, improved version of their popular Indian-made G-Wiz commuter vehicle. According to the company’s website, the G-Wiz i features a whole raft of improvements, including roomier cabin layout, an extended range of up to 48 miles per charge (previously 40), and an increased top speed of 50mph (previously 45).

Importantly, given the fact that the G-Wiz has come under fire for its crash test performance, the vehicle also features new and improved safety features including increased front and side impact protection (developed in collaboration with Lotus), a strengthened space frame, a collapsible steering column, a hill rolling restraint feature, plus new front disc brakes that deliver a 30% improvement in performance. It should be noted that because the vehicle is officially classed as a quadricycle, it is not legally required to undergo the same rigorous tests as a car. GoinGreen has now voluntarily submitted the G-Wiz to a front-impact crash test at 25mph but, especially given the new top speed, we don’t expect this will completely silence those concerned with the G-Wiz’s safety. We are, however, pleased to see the company investing in both safety and performance improvements, and we hope to see them making continued efforts in the future. ::GoinGreen::via site visit::

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