London's Comprehensive Electric Vehicle Plan Takes Shape

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From city-wide charging at Sainsbury's supermarkets to individual borough councils opening electric vehicle charging stations at an impressive rate, London has already seen its fair share of pro-electric car initiatives. But when Mayor Boris Johnson announced that every Londoner would be within a mile of an Electric Vehicle charging station by 2015, advocates for electrified transportation were excited. Now that plan is beginning to take shape, and it really does look like a single, unified EV charging infrastructure will become a reality across the city. And the fun starts next year. True, with a city that already boasts a comprehensive mass transit network; bike and pedestrian infrastructure; and congestion charging, we would do well to remember that cars—electric or not—as just one part of the transportation puzzle, and hopefully a subordinate one at that. (People should always be the core focus behind any plan. Modes of transportation are just tools...)

Nevertheless, the launch of Source London—a website that boasts information on EVs; a map of charging points; and details of what is to come—is a sure sign that despite troubling economic times, one of the world's premier cities remains committed to promoting EVs as one tool in our struggle to kick fossil fuels.

According to the mayor's plans, by 2013 the Source London network will deliver 1,300 public charging points across London with a single visual identity. Members will be able to charge their vehicles at any one of these charging points for no more than a £100 annual membership fee. This is a sharp contrast to the status quo, whereby EV drivers currently have to register with each separate borough where they wish to use charge points.

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