London to Spend US$975 Million on Walking and Cycling Programs Over Next Decade


London is certainly at the forefront of efforts by cities to lower emissions of carbon dioxide, reduce traffic and air pollution, and promote healthier lifestyles. In addition to imposing a congestion tax , as well as a 'Dirty Lorry' charge, on vehicles entering the city, and otherwise tackling climate change through planning and incentives, London is now announcing that it plans "to create a new network of quick, simple, and safe routes for cyclists and pedestrians that represents the largest investment in walking and cycling in the city’s history."

This is not some token initiative, either. London is committed to spending US$975 million over the next ten years to implement five new programs "with the aim of having one in ten round trips in London each day made by bike, and saving some 1.6 million tonnes of CO2 per year ." Read more about the program after the foldThe five new programs will be:

1) A bike-share program akin to those springing up all over Europe. 6,000 bikes will be "located across docking stations every 300m so Londoners and visitors have quick and easy access to a bike." Much as in Paris, the bikes will be used by tourists for sightseeing, as well as residents for commuting.

2) A dozen "radial Cycling Corridors for commuters" will be created to make it easier to cycle into central London.

3) A series of Bike Zones will be established that "link key local destinations and open parks and waterways for cyclists." One of the key features of these zones will be that the streets will have 20mph speed limits, and will be designated as 'cycle priority' streets.

4) More signage will be put up to make short trips on foot or bike easier to navigate.

5) 200 'Streets of Gold' will be designated and receive "urban makeovers which link key local destinations like stations, schools and shops in inner and outer London with high quality walking facilities, delivering improved pavements, seating and crossings alongside regeneration measures."


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